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Women in French Studies

Call for proposals for the 2022 Special Topics Issue

Since 2002, Women in French Studies has published a number of special topics volumes in even-numbered years. Articles in these special issues are focused on a specific topic and are guest-edited by one or more WIF members. In the past we have had special issues with subjects that range across centuries: Les Femmes et le voyage (2018), Women and Theater (2014), Les femmes et la lecture (2012), Cooperation and Competition in Communities (2010), Culture and Literature Through Film (2006), and French and Francophone Women, 16th-21st Centuries (2002).  In 2016, our special issue focused on a single author, Charlotte Delbo. Our next special volume, on francophone women writers of Central Africa, is currently being prepared for 2020.

This is a call for proposals for new topics for the 2022 Special Topics Issue.

The criteria for selection are broad to allow for a wide variety of proposals from our members:

  1. a) the topic must be an area of interest or concern to WIF members (French and Francophone women, status of women in the profession)
  2. b) the editor(s) must be member(s) of WIF and must have expertise in the proposed topic
  3. c) the WIFStudies board prefers proposals that allow for articles covering a range of centuries, genres, and/or geographies.

Please send directly to the editor, Juliette M. Rogers ( by Dec. 15, 2018:

1) your 300-word proposal

2) a sample call for article submissions

3) your bio-bibliography that shows your expertise in the area as a potential guest editor.

The WIFStudies editorial board will review all proposals and a decision will be made early 2019.

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